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What Do You Know about Latvian Hound?


The Latvian hound is a breed basically known for its various adventurous things. It is likely to be said that they are a hunter of wild boar and rabbits. Similarly, it is strong and medium in size with attractive looks. They have strong muscled and a short neck with a broad, deep chest. Usually, hound dogs are found in black and brown in color.

There is no any doubt that Latvian hound dogs are much familiar and affectionate to other. It is because of their attitude and behavior. According to the scientific research, their life span is almost 12 to 14 years. Undoubtedly, it is quite enough for any dog. Such hound dogs are found in 16-19 inches with a weight of 35-45 pounds. If you are here, willing to know about hound dogs, then make sure it is the right place. We will discuss many aspects regarding such breed

Things to know

Accordingly, they are a great familiar dog which helps to make an excellent among all. There are lots of things to know about Latvian hound dogs. Below are some useful points which are responsible for telling you about qualities and features of hound breed.

  • Strong breed: There is no any denying the fact that Latvian hound has such a strong breed. However, their features make them an excellent among all. If you are the one who is willing to adopt such a dog then with no doubt you are choosing the best option. Mostly, people prefer those who are best at all. That’s why they play an important role.
  • Temperament: Accordingly, it is right to be said that Latvian hound breed has an excellent temperament. It is all possible just because of energy and training criteria. Most of the time their intelligence and smart features help to pay attention to them in a very effective and efficient manner.
  • Trained and fit: Hound breed mostly does agility training just to remain fit and fine. The main reason behind it that they have flexibility and much stronger bark power makes them popular in front of all. That’s why people used to prefer them in a great manner.
  • Care and grooming: If we talk about their owners then it is clear that they live in a caring and grooming manner. It means that they used to give a proper meal and a better living standard. If you want to take care properly, then you must follow all the steps carefully so that dogs can live in a better way.
  • Friendly nature: There is no any doubt that Latvian hound breed are much friendly in nature especially with kids. It is because of their attitude and behavior. That is the foremost reason to give positive concern on them.

However, if we focus on these above points then make sure it will help to find better knowledge. Most of the times, it is compulsory to know because to avoid mistakes and give them a safe and secure life.

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What to look while buying Latvian Hound?

The Latvian Hound is dog breed mostly found in Latvia. If we talk about their weight then somehow they are found in 35-45 lbs. They are black and tan in color with the short and thick coat. They are known as Latvijas Dzinejsuns. They are exceptionally hunter and experienced various types of dangerous activities. They have life spans of almost 12 to 14 years

However, if we talk about their temperament, then it usually senses that they are full of energetic and flexible. If you are the one who is looking to adopt such bred the no doubt you are choosing the right option. It is because they are very protective in nature.

How are dog products essential?

There is no denying the fact that they all want a better survival with the help of many necessary things. It includes living shelter, meal and somehow their daily everyday products. It is our responsibility to consider it a useful and effective manner and give them protection as possible. If you are willing to buy dog products then must consider quality and well defined branded products for them. It is because they are much sensitive.


Various are the requirement which is to seem in a perfect manner clearly. Below are some points which may clear all your doubts about to buy Latvian Hound breed for you.

  • Size: The first and foremost thing to consider that there will be perfect size according to their height. If we talk about such breed, then it makes sure that they are medium in size with 16to 19 inches.
  • Training ability: They are very good at intelligence. As a result, show that they used to agility training which is responsible for remaining fit and fine.
  • Attitude and behavior: if we talk about their attitude and behavior then undoubtedly they are not much familiar. It is because of their aggressiveness it seems so unique. However, all dogs have some different thing in them. As a result, Latvian Hound is normally found in dangerous looks. They used to do hunting of deer’s and rabbits.
  • Temperament: Undoubtedly, they have such effective temperament. It means Latvian Hound is full of stamina and we always found energy in the. It is responsible for their heavy and strong agility training. Due to their flexibility in jumping people used to prefer them.
  • Affection: If we want to buy such a breed then we must look out then we must look out their affection with a human being. Is it effective? If the answer is yes, then you must prefer otherwise reject it.
  • Health: Their health seems very attractive. It is because of their better nutrients meal. They are used to eat such food which makes them healthy and strong to run and hunt effectively.

Moreover, it shows that Latvian Hound have such effective breed makes us responsible for giving attention to it. if you are looking to buy then must concentrate on above points as they give you useful information

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Latvian Hound – Hunting hound from Russia/Latvia

Brief Introduction

Latvian hound is a hunting hound originally from Russia and Latvia. It is used for a range of game including elk, deer, boar and rabbits. For hunters, it is one of the top hunting hound breeds. For families, it behaves a mellow companion dog. They are now family pets all over the world. It was bred down to toned and even temperament, thereby making them fit for families. It comes with a lifespan of 12-14 years. The breed is also called the Lavijas Dzinejsuns in local Russian. It has been dubbed as the Latvian in international dog shows.

Appearance and behavior

Latvian stand 16-19” tall and it weigh up to 45 lbs. This is an adaptive breed, which doesn’t get allergic in any climate. They are not prone to any specific disease barring the common problems in dogs. Though it is a hunting breed, it hasn’t bit or caused bodily harm in the U.S. There are no reported cases to be specified. Though they can become aggressive when need be, they are not aggressive dogs by nature. It can handle any level of attention, but is not too demanding. The breed would do well with basic training and socialization. It would be expected from dog owners to see if the dog suits their lifestyle.

Popularity outside Latvian region

Latvians has similar set of colors like Rottweiler and Doberman – Black, tan and brown. Their coat is short, dense and shiny. It makes them tolerant to heat and cold. It doesn’t get obese, which is typical of hounds. They bark occasionally. With some training, you can get them to bark and stop on command. These are active dogs, which needs active owners. Training cannot get any easier. Owing to less popularity in the U.S, it is not registered with the AKC.

Even temperament

The Latvian is a whole lot of fun. They look totally dignified one moment and suddenly turn outgoing and playful the next minute. They love to play with children. When it comes to work, it is committed to the job in hand. They are hardworking and tenacious generally. As companions, they are friendly and affectionate. It does suffer from separation anxiety and it’s not a breed to be left alone.

Easy maintenance

Latvians have a short coat, that requires very little grooming. It is not a heavy shedder. Brushing one a week can take off loose hair. Do not bathe them too often. Use proper dog shampoos to avoid damaging natural oils in its coat. Their nails have to be clipped periodically. Latvians do fine with2 cups of dry dog food per day.

High trainability

Latvian hound is an active breed. It is a dog that shows exemplary consistency and patience. They are very easily trainable. Second time dog owners might find this breed easier for their liking. It is recommended to start training and socialization at a young age. The habits they develop are hard to break. Introduce them to different places, people, sounds, pets and situations, early on.