The dog is an eco-friendly animal. The dog is the first species to domesticate in the home. The dog species are large. There are various puppies. One of the types is Latvian hound. This type of dogs is basically black in color. They are medium in size. They are basically best for hunting. No other dog can beat them in case of hunting. They are one of the best one. They are used for various games to be played. They are very friendly and sweet. They are best-suited pet for a family. They are Russian dogs.


There are various types of dogs breed. One of them is Latvian hound. They like playing small games. Like deer and small games like rabbits. These types of dogs are sweet and friendly in nature. Their height is nearly about 17 to 19 inches. Their weight is near about 12 to 14 kilograms. The lifespan for this dog is 12 to 14 years.


There are various features and characteristics of this type of dogs. Those are as follows:-

  • They are polite in nature. They are basically found in Russia.

  • The color of this dog is black, brown, and tan. No light color is present here.

  • Their sense of humor is very good. They have an intelligent nature.

  • They can tolerate themselves in hot and cold climate also.

  • This types of dogs are active in nature. So at the time of training, they require an active trainer.

  • They can become a good and excellent pet. They are even friendly with strangers.

  • They have a sharp head also.

Health Issues

There are various health issues faced by these types of dogs. The Latvian hound is short in size due to that they face many health problems. Some are mentioned below:-

  • This type of dogs has to face joint related issues. They can have a problem in hip joint or lower leg joint.

  • Due to less exercise practice, they can also have an obesity problem. Due to the good sense of humor, they never skip exercise.

  • They can have eye problems.

  • They can have ears problems also which may lead to deafness.

  • They can get a minor skin infection also.

Best remedies

The best remedies provided to dogs are many. The best you provide them with the best output you will get from them. Their coat type is shiny short and dense. They have good intelligent power. Their heat tolerance power is very good. They don’t bark continuously as compared to other dogs. Their barking tendency is very low. They just bark on frequent occasion. This type of dog is good as using pets. They are one of the best dogs.


Dogs can be handled with care. This dog is very active and has frequent friendly nature. The only one pet animal is a dog who loves you the most than he loves himself. The constant love that you get from your dog is unanimous. A person can love many things from dog-like loyalty, friendly nature, and trust and so on.