Brief Introduction

Latvian hound is a hunting hound originally from Russia and Latvia. It is used for a range of game including elk, deer, boar and rabbits. For hunters, it is one of the top hunting hound breeds. For families, it behaves a mellow companion dog. They are now family pets all over the world. It was bred down to toned and even temperament, thereby making them fit for families. It comes with a lifespan of 12-14 years. The breed is also called the Lavijas Dzinejsuns in local Russian. It has been dubbed as the Latvian in international dog shows.

Appearance and behavior

Latvian stand 16-19” tall and it weigh up to 45 lbs. This is an adaptive breed, which doesn’t get allergic in any climate. They are not prone to any specific disease barring the common problems in dogs. Though it is a hunting breed, it hasn’t bit or caused bodily harm in the U.S. There are no reported cases to be specified. Though they can become aggressive when need be, they are not aggressive dogs by nature. It can handle any level of attention, but is not too demanding. The breed would do well with basic training and socialization. It would be expected from dog owners to see if the dog suits their lifestyle.

Popularity outside Latvian region

Latvians has similar set of colors like Rottweiler and Doberman – Black, tan and brown. Their coat is short, dense and shiny. It makes them tolerant to heat and cold. It doesn’t get obese, which is typical of hounds. They bark occasionally. With some training, you can get them to bark and stop on command. These are active dogs, which needs active owners. Training cannot get any easier. Owing to less popularity in the U.S, it is not registered with the AKC.

Even temperament

The Latvian is a whole lot of fun. They look totally dignified one moment and suddenly turn outgoing and playful the next minute. They love to play with children. When it comes to work, it is committed to the job in hand. They are hardworking and tenacious generally. As companions, they are friendly and affectionate. It does suffer from separation anxiety and it’s not a breed to be left alone.

Easy maintenance

Latvians have a short coat, that requires very little grooming. It is not a heavy shedder. Brushing one a week can take off loose hair. Do not bathe them too often. Use proper dog shampoos to avoid damaging natural oils in its coat. Their nails have to be clipped periodically. Latvians do fine with2 cups of dry dog food per day.

High trainability

Latvian hound is an active breed. It is a dog that shows exemplary consistency and patience. They are very easily trainable. Second time dog owners might find this breed easier for their liking. It is recommended to start training and socialization at a young age. The habits they develop are hard to break. Introduce them to different places, people, sounds, pets and situations, early on.